Keto, Head Trauma, Fasting, and Salty Water

This past week I've been up to my eye-holes in more PubMed studies than you could shake a mask at. I was creating a 160 + slide PowerPoint for the new online course "Traumatic Brain Injury and the Ketogenic Diet" for the Carrick Institute. I've been working on it for 6+ months now and have

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Time-Restricted Eating – new research

Ten years ago if you had told me I would have some clients use fasting or time-restricted eating (TRE) as a method to get better body composition and that it would be popular in the future, I would have said you were as crazy as a loon. No way was fasting going to be the

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3 Tips to Improve Metabolic Flexibility

I recently served on a roundtable of fitness experts featuring Alan Aragon, Dr. Layne Norton, Dr. Jose Antonio, Ben Esgro, Jermey Loenneke, Dr. Gabe Wilson, Dr. Jacob Wilson, and others.  During the discussion, a participant asked this question: "What advice would you give to a fitness enthusiast that wants to  A. Build muscle  B. Lose

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Paleo Magazine Radio Ep. 243: There’s More to Fitness than Exercise

*From Recently, Ashleigh VanHouten interviewed me for Paleo Magazine Radio, and we chatted about fitness beyond exercise. In it, we discussed: An introduction the NEAT concept and its difference from regulated exercise. The non-linear nature of exercise's efficacy and pushing our boundaries. Increasing strength versus maintaining fitness. The centrality of sleep and stress relief in

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Beyond Macros Podcast – Fasting & How to Develop & Test Metabolic Flexibility

*from  I had a blast talking all about metabolic flexibility, fasting and much more with Matt Walrath from Beyond Macros on this podcast below: I first met Matt at Dr Ben House’s Beginner’s Mind Retreat in Costa Rica where I was teaching and hanging out. Check out the podcast! Dr Mike PS If you

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