S2 Ep 9 Gut Health and Exercise: Interview with Dr. Sara Campbell

Dr. Mike and Dr. Sara Campbell take an in-depth look at gut health and exercise. Topics include everything from the microbiome, nutrition, what foods may be useful - what foods to avoid. Also, how the gut is related to all sorts of things - including insulin sensitivity and body composition. We discuss: How bugs change

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 8 Gym Openings and COVID-19 Safety: Interview with Mario Mavrides

This episode of Flex Diet Podcast covers the difficulties with gym openings and COVID-19 safety. Mario tells what he's doing to get clients back through the door and address their concerns over disinfection and proper distancing. We discuss: The most commonly asked questions regarding re-opening Who will return and why or why not Disinfection policies

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 7 Female Athletes and Eating to Fuel Performance with Dr. Susan Kleiner

I was thrilled to interview my good friend Dr. Susan Kleiner about the importance of fueling your training for a long and meaningful athletic career, especially females. If you are a trainer/coach, learn how to coach your athletes to overcome fears/obstacles regarding food. We discuss: * Anecdotes from her early work with steroids and steroid-testing

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Insulin and Glucose Myths & more – Podcast with Dr. Tommy Wood

Good evening, from Sunny Minnesota. I thought we could geek out together while discussing common insulin and glucose myths. Listen in as I interview Dr. Wood . . . coming to you from the jungle of Costa Rica to discuss the role of insulin in the body. What it actually does and how it acts

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OPEX EP. 049 Met Flex, HRV, RPR & More

*From www.opexfit.com Check out this fun podcast where we chat about metabolic flexibility, HRV & RPR. TIME-LINE: 0:00 – 4:00 – ROBBIE INTRO’S THE SHOW AND ASKS MIKE TO INTRODUCE HIMSELF 4:01 – 8:58 – Robbie asks Mike how he funded himself through all his education? 8:59 – 12:11 – Robbie asks Mike who have

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Health Simple Podcast Episode 40: Metabolic Flexibility | Becoming Efficient At Burning Carbs and Fat

*From www.healthsimpleinfo.com Why is it important to become efficient at burning carbs and fat?  Kyle Reidhead interviews yours truly for answers to that metabolic flexibility question . . . and more. In it, we discussed: Low carb or high carb Ketosis or sugar burning Which one is better for weight loss Which one is better

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