Optimal Conditions = the Death of Progress

Greetings from rainy, cold (well, it is 53 degrees now) which would be a heatwave if I was in Minnesota . . . overcast, and did I mention pelting rain? But there is wind! And you know what I do when there is wind? Go kiteboard, of course! Now, you may be rightfully thinking

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Better Health and Body Radio: How to Fix Your Metabolism

Episode Highlights: Learn how Dr. Mike T recommends testing your metabolism. How to have a flexible metabolism for better health, body comp. and performance. How to fix your metabolism. Learn insights to fuel your own training sessions. How Dr. Mike recommends structuring your diet. Key supplements for performance. What Dr. Mike

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Keto, Head Trauma, Fasting, and Salty Water

This past week I've been up to my eye-holes in more PubMed studies than you could shake a mask at. I was creating a 160 + slide PowerPoint for the new online course "Traumatic Brain Injury and the Ketogenic Diet" for the Carrick Institute. I've been working on it for 6+ months now and have

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Keto Roundtable from AHS 2019

Is keto still all the rage now? What are the pros and cons of it? Is metabolic flexibility “better” than keto? Do I really disagree with the guys from Keto Gains or is that just whacky internet rumorZ? Check out the Keto Panel video from AHS this past year below featuring your nerdy, Luis Villaseñor,

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Is Keto Best for Fat Loss, Brain Health and More?

Keto for fat loss?  Keto for muscle gain?  Keto for brain health? Is there anything that keto can’t do? Maybe it is not the best for everything? Check out the new video on keto here featuring a talking head of your favorite nutrition nerd with Nick English from Barbend. Check it out!   https://youtu.be/s_jfevHRpqQ

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Health Simple Podcast Episode 40: Metabolic Flexibility | Becoming Efficient At Burning Carbs and Fat

*From www.healthsimpleinfo.com Why is it important to become efficient at burning carbs and fat?  Kyle Reidhead interviews yours truly for answers to that metabolic flexibility question . . . and more. In it, we discussed: Low carb or high carb Ketosis or sugar burning Which one is better for weight loss Which one is better

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