What is After Metabolic Flexibility for More GainZ?

Recently, I have been yammering away about how to increase your ability to recover and be a more robust, bad ass human. I don’t need to point out the massive stress everyone is under right now. While there is only so much that can be done about it, you can control how you train your

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Be Flexible (not what you are thinking)

It snowed in Minnesota the day right after the wonderful wifey arrived in S Padre TX, where it was a sunny 88F today. Since there was some wind, I opted yesterday to go kiteboarding in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned. I got my big 17M kite pumped up, launched, and started

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Light My Balls On Fire and Testing Fitness Assumptions

Greetings from S Padre TX in April 2019, where the wonderful wifey and I are hanging out with friends and getting in as many kiteboard sessions as we can (pre COVID, of course).  Unfortunately, the weather has been 50% cooperative. We've seen rain every day, but that also means the wind is cranking. Two days

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5 Fitness Lessons I Learned from Kiteboarding on a Surfboard

In April of this year, I spent the 2 days attempting (with some success) to use a strapless surfboard while kiteboarding instead of my normal board. This begs the question – why on earth would I do such a thing? And what the hell does it have to do with your fitness goals of better

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