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Easy To Extremes

Hola from S Padre TX where the wind has been stupid light so I have been doing my AM routine, lifting, and cranking on work. We did get out...


What is After Metabolic Flexibility for More GainZ?

Recently, I have been yammering away about how to increase your ability to recover and be a more robust, badass human. I don’t need to point out the massive...


Be Flexible (not what you are thinking)

It snowed in Minnesota the day right after the wonderful wifey arrived in S Padre TX, where it was a sunny 88F today. Since there was some wind, I...


Testing Fitness in La Ventana, Mexico

As you know, I’m a huge kiteboaring fan.  In January of 2019, I hit up La Ventana, Mexico (Baja) hoping to kiteboard.  I got in 2.5 days only out...


Light My Balls On Fire and Testing Fitness Assumptions

Greetings from S Padre TX in April 2019, where the wonderful wifey and I are hanging out with friends and getting in as many kiteboard sessions as we can...


5 Fitness Lessons I Learned from Kiteboarding on a Surfboard

In April of this year, I spent the 2 days attempting (with some success) to use a strapless surfboard while kiteboarding instead of my normal board. This begs the...