2 Lessons From Lifting at the EliteFTS S4 Compound

Seven years ago, I boarded the flying germ tube to Columbus, OH to go face to face with some massive sides of beef with eyeballZ and the EliteFTS S4 Compound. I signed up for the EliteFTS Learn To Train seminar. I was both excited and absolutely terrified at the same time. On one hand

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Discipline; Do the Work – Keep Moving Forward

Discipline is to punch the clock by lifting the weights with violent consistency. Day in; day out. Some days will be easy. Some days will be hard and suck huge moose balls. Some days may be only mobility work and light cardio. Other days are hitting a new 1 RM. You will have a few

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Collagen / Gelatin before Training

Collagen / gelatin before training can help with soft tissue remodeling. The main study(Shaw et al.)  had 3 groups 1) placebo, 2) 5 grams and 3) 15 grams.  I looked up the amino acid content of gelatin vs collagen and both will work as they are virtually identical. Here is the quote from the study:

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