Episode 187 The Boom Boom Podcast – Simplifying the Science of Training

*from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast Ketogenic Dieting? Fasted Cardio? Metabolic Flexibility? Stress? What does the science say for all these hot topics?   Find out here as Cody McBroom from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast interviews me about these topics. (3:09) 1. Mike’s “Story” (7:54) 2. Mike Working with Athletes (10:10) 3. How Does Mike

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Why Failing is GOOD

The word “failure” has a bad rap.  Not rap, as in, the latest tune on the radio – which all seem to horrible as I much prefer the ‘old skool’ hip hop like Public Enemy, De La Soul, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8-9mY-JACM&feature=youtu.be De La Soul – classic hip hop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vQaVIoEjOM&feature=youtu.be Don’t Believe the Hype And not “failure,”

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Episode 116 Low Carb Paleo Show

**From www.lowcarbpaleoshow.com I feel so honored to have been interviewed recently on the Low Carb Paleo Show by Alain Braux and Mark Moxom. Here's a brief description of their show. . . "What is the Low Carb Paleo Show all about? Well, it’s about all the interesting and useful information that you can get from

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The Better Human Project #1: The Carnivore Diet

*from ryanmunsey.com Check out the podcast I was a guest on below where we discuss just that with Ryan Munsey and Dr Shawn Baker of the Carnivore Diet The Better Human Project #1: Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Mike T. Nelson Dr. Shawn Baker explains the Zero Carb Diet aka Carnivore Diet for people who

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Flex Diet Cert Coach Catalyst Software Demo

Flex Diet Cert Coach Catalyst Software Demo Check out the super short video below where Trevor walks you through the Flex Diet Cert software via Coach Catalyst. https://youtu.be/nDBSJO9ZUoE   Any questions, email me directly to by clicking  HERE  with Subject line: at action FDC Sign up to get the software below: >> Coach Catalyst Software

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