Episode 161: Muscle hypertrophy, exercise selection, and nutrient timing, an interview with Dr Chester Soko

On today's episode of the FlexDiet Podcast, Dr. Chester Soko and I talk about how to get bigger muscles, what to do in the gym, nutrient timing, muscle damage, and metabolic flexibility. Episode Notes Intro to Dr. Soko and his dissertation and post-doc work How

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Episode 160: Ask Me Anything (AMA) – NMN and NR, Metal Music, and How To Increase Heart Rate Variability with Dr Mike T Nelson

In today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, I'm answering questions from listeners and social media followers in a series called "Ask me Anything." Episode Notes [1:27] Question 1 - NAD+ and resveratol as supplement. Highly appraised by David Sinclair, considering longevity and aging,

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The Bleeding Edge – Qualia Senolytic

Poke around the ole interwebZ, and you will find no shortage of hacks and easy ways to avoid the basics. Newsflash Brosky – you can’t escape the basics. They're the foundations for better body comp, performance, and health. If you have the aerobic capacity of a propanol-ed possum, get thee to the rower or

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Episode 159: Advice, Mentorships, Askholes, and Diagnostics: An Interview with Dr. Adam Sumarski

On today's Flex Diet Podcast, Dr. Adam Sumarski and I cover a wide range of topics, from his background in sports medicine and the navy to imaging and old-school diagnostics. We also discuss why it's important to have skin in the game vs. being an

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Episode 158: Extreme Diets in Fitness – from Carnivore to Keto – How To Find What’s Right for You: An interview with author Ashleigh VanHouton

Welcome back to the Flex Diet Podcast. Today, I'm talking to Ashleigh VanHouton about her book Carnivore-ish: Protein-Rich Recipes to Boost Your Health and Build Muscle. We discuss extremeness in fitness, like keto, carnivore, and intermittent fasting, and how to find what's right for you.

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Episode 157: Recap of the 19th Annual ISSN Conference in Florida

Today's Flex Diet Podcast is a recap of my notes from the 19th annual International of Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference. Episode Notes Dr. Guillermo Escalante - The Science and Application of Fasted vs. Fed Cardio for Fat Loss My Instagram review of his

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Episode 156: Understanding and Treating Pain, Injury, and Recovery: an Interview with Katie Dabrowski

On today's Flex Diet Podcast, I'm talking about pain with Dr. Katie Dabrowski, head physical therapist at Old Bull Athletics. We discuss all things related to movement and pain and what you can do to help if you're dealing with an injury. Episode Notes Intro

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How to Recover from an Injury in Record Time

I recently returned from the epic ISSN meeting, and it was back to “normal” (if anything I do is really “normal”) Monday. I was tired and after a bit more coffee than usual, I made it to the commercial gym where I do more upper body “bro work” on Mondays. I was dragging in

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4 Reasons To Consume Raw Eggs For Recovery Post Training

I like to read books from the old time strongman and coaches. Many times they were years ahead at adding lean muscle and burning tons of body fat. One of them, Vince Gironda aka the Iron Guru himself, was a big fan of raw eggs. In his book Vince Gironda, The Legend and Myth, he

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