Control Your Response to Stress…Kryptonite to your Gainz

During this time when everything is "different" than life before COVID  19, every chance I've had to think and talk about managing stress . . I take it. We may be feeling more worry and anxiety than ever, but there are some simple ways to control your response to stress. We are in this together

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Why you do NOT need motivation to train like pro

There I said it. I am not a fan of motivation. I am not against motivation; I don't count on it - either with my training or with clients who train with me. Why? It's not needed. Ask yourself - how many training sessions would you do if you only train when you're motivated? I bet it

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Survive to Thrive: Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to be a robust, butt-kicking human by using metabolic flexibility and intermittent fasting. Be harder to kill than a cockroach. This applies to your life, including nutrition. Check out my full talk here on "Survive to Thrive with Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting" as part of the

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CBD and Sleep

“Hey Doc, I hear all the experts online saying that CBD is amazing for sleep.  What do you think?” Another epic question. I wondered the same thing, so like a good nerd, I hit the ole pubmed and ran that experiment myself. I have been using the Charlotte’s Web Maximum Strength mixed cannabinoids hemp extract

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Paleo Magazine Radio Ep. 243: There’s More to Fitness than Exercise

*From Recently, Ashleigh VanHouten interviewed me for Paleo Magazine Radio, and we chatted about fitness beyond exercise. In it, we discussed: An introduction the NEAT concept and its difference from regulated exercise. The non-linear nature of exercise's efficacy and pushing our boundaries. Increasing strength versus maintaining fitness. The centrality of sleep and stress relief in

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Episode 497 Iron Radio – Topic Holiday Topics & News

*from Holiday Topics & News On this Thanksgiving weekend, news and listener mail are once again accumulating, so Dr. Lowery, Phil and I talk shop.   Topics include low carb diets as re-feeds, purple corn extracts to help carb metabolism, drug testing, powerlifting federation lawsuits, sleep and dehydration, and new medical uses for

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The Keto Answers Podcast Episode 009- Metabolic Flexibility: How to Choose the Best Fuel for Your Goals

**From My good buddy, Dr. Anthony Gustin interviews me on his podcast.  I'm super honored! In his words . . . "Join me as I sit down with Dr. Nelson to take a deep dive into metabolic flexibility, switching between fat and carbs, his experiments on nutrition and physiology, and much more. In

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