Episode 629 IronRadio The Science of Hard Gainers

*from After mail and news covering a portable metabolism-measuring device, using heavy negatives, and what happens to fast-gainers during detraining, the guys talk about hard gainers - to what extent they exist and what to do with them. ► PRIVATE FORUMS:​ ► SUBSCRIBE:​ ► SUPPORT US ON PAYPAL

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Episode 628 IronRadio Recent Buys and Whys

*from After analyzing some nutrition science news on nitrate and iron, and how they relate to exercise, the guys talk about recent purchases of training and food equipment and why they bought them. ► PRIVATE FORUMS:​ ► SUBSCRIBE:​ ► SUPPORT US ON PAYPAL (See mid-page right and bottom):

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Episode 627 IronRadio Wendi Irlbeck, Nutrition & Body Composition

*from With Phil off in the wilderness, Mike and Lonnie nerd out with nutritionist Wendi Irlbeck on topics like high-protein intakes, how to increase veggies in the diet, and the methods and benefits of obtaining and carrying high muscle mass. (Special note regarding the power of digestion - reportedly just

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Episode 626 IronRadio David Barr, Recovery

*from After offering some news on vitamin D and COVID-19, and on gene therapy's ramifications for lifters, the intrepid trio chat with industry insider, author, and scientist David Barr. The topic is recovery and it comes with real gold nuggets about both neural and muscular "returns to baseline". Come on

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Episode 625 IronRadio Annual Graduation Patchwork Episode

*from With Dr. L off at his annual medieval ceremony, each cohost individually shares news and views. Topics range from immune system and muscle growth, to big competitive lifts, to cold water immersion. Come on in! (Note that introductory comments about "real jobs" are NOT a slight against legitimate online fitness

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Episode 624 The Costs of Aggressive Bulking

*from Ever go all-in on massive weight gain? Ever wonder what it was doing to your body aside from the muscular gains? Join in for a discussion on the less healthy aspects of the war of the knife and fork, including exclusive chat about what Rutgers researchers saw in Phil's

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Episode 623 Lifting Career Stages, Advice

*from Have you ever reflected on the stage you presently hold in your lifting career? Or how your training philosophy may have evolved? Tune in for a discussion on how the cohosts view necessary life phases and how they get addressed by coaches. Also check out the chat about how COVID-19

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Episode 622 IronRadio Nutrition for Self Care Top 3

*from Do you eat like an adult? Join the intrepid trio as they offer top tips for nutritional self-care. Sometimes it's not about performance, but rather giving a little thought to career longevity and well-being. Also tune in for science news on blueberries, antioxidant vitamins, and coffee! ► PRIVATE FORUMS:

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Episode 621 IronRadio Social Gym Irritations

*from Gyms continue to reopen more broadly and despite the advantages, that means a return to dealing with certain... irritations. Tune in as the guys talk about their experiences with annoyingly bad behaviors, from poor hygiene to wasteful chit-chat, to camping out on a piece of equipment, to unwanted advances,

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Episode 620 IronRadio Photobiology and Testosterone Therapy for Lifters

*from Listener mail leads to analysis of a few existing studies, lay journalism, and subjective observations regarding light therapy and hormone replacement in general. What should a young or old male or female expect from various approaches? ► PRIVATE FORUMS: ► SUBSCRIBE:​ ► SUPPORT US ON PAYPAL (See

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