Episode 622 IronRadio Nutrition for Self Care Top 3

*from www.ironradio.org Do you eat like an adult? Join the intrepid trio as they offer top tips for nutritional self-care. Sometimes it's not about performance, but rather giving a little thought to career longevity and well-being. Also tune in for science news on blueberries, antioxidant vitamins, and coffee! ► PRIVATE FORUMS:

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Episode 621 IronRadio Social Gym Irritations

*from www.ironradio.org Gyms continue to reopen more broadly and despite the advantages, that means a return to dealing with certain... irritations. Tune in as the guys talk about their experiences with annoyingly bad behaviors, from poor hygiene to wasteful chit-chat, to camping out on a piece of equipment, to unwanted advances,

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Episode 620 IronRadio Photobiology and Testosterone Therapy for Lifters

*from www.ironradio.org Listener mail leads to analysis of a few existing studies, lay journalism, and subjective observations regarding light therapy and hormone replacement in general. What should a young or old male or female expect from various approaches? ► PRIVATE FORUMS: https://www.theironforum.com/ ► SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lonman07...​ ► SUPPORT US ON PAYPAL (See

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Iron Radio Episode 619: Hormone, Food and Muscle News

*from www.ironradio.orgDr. L and Coach Stevens discuss breaking science news on androgens and COVID-19, the Dirty Dozen foods list, and a few new papers on the best choices of sets and reps to max-out size versus strength. At the end, Dr. Nelson is back on the road - this time covering a

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IronRadio Episode 613: Speed Kills Redux

*from www.ironradio.org Starting with listener questions about inconvenient truths in professional journals, and moving on to some scientific literature concerning last week's sodium intake question, the guys then get to the concept of rep speed. When is it bad and when is it good to go fast? Pull up a bench

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Use Your Prefrontal Cortex to drive gainZ

It is your fav nerd writing to you from sunny and amazing Nosara, Costa Rica. We wrapped up meetings for the Special Forces Experience the other day and are on our last full day here before some go back home. Jodie and I are hanging in Liberia with fancy internet for 1.5 days of work then off

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Meat Meat Meat – Iron Radio Episode 603

This week on Iron radio, Dr. Lonnie, Phil, and I chatted about health science news on vitamin D and then all things MEAT! >> Meat Meat and More Meat << Listen in! Join caveman Phil Stevens, Lonnie Lowery, and myself for our: favorite types of meat recipes cooking skills nutrients and tons more Meat for the win!

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Episode 599 Iron Radio News, Mail, Listener Questions

*from www.ironradio.org After sharing science news on top fitness food trends, vitamin C as a possible anti-catabolic agent, and sleep apnea, the guys cover a host of listener questions on topics ranging from uncoupling agents and beta-agonists, to super-totals, to dealing with arthritis and tons more. Come on in! Also check out the fall funds

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