Episode 575 Iron Radio – The Guys Talk Diet Characterization

*from www.ironradio.org After news concerning lab-grown meats and microbe-synthesized dairy (casein), the guys reflect on what characterizes their diets. Macronutrient focus, food groups, supplementation, seasonal changes, timing, and kitchen skills all get attention. http://ironradio.org/Audio/575IronRadio_Characterize_Your_Diet.mp3 Rock on! Dr Mike miketnelson.com

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Episode 574 Iron Radio: Guest Kory VanWyck – strength & conditioning coach vs COVID 19

Strength and conditioning coach Vs Covid 19... *from www.ironradio.org Are ketotic diets problematic for obese people? And can low testosterone make you more vulnerable to COVID-19? The guys share science news with strength coach Korey VanWyk, then check in with him for gold nuggets on how he's addressing the public health crisis in his classes

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Survive to Thrive: Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to be a robust, butt-kicking human by using metabolic flexibility and intermittent fasting. Be harder to kill than a cockroach. This applies to your life, including nutrition. Check out my full talk here on "Survive to Thrive with Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting" as part of the

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MindStrong Project — Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics with Dr. Mike

*from mindstrongproject.com Harvey Martin from MindStrong Project interviewed me about exercise physiology and biomechanics. Always love talking science and fitness. Listen in! Enjoy! Dr Mike miketnelson.com

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Episode 569 Iron Radio – Eating During the Lockdown

Eating during the lockdown was the topic on this week via the Iron Radio podcast. *from www.ironradio.org Myself, Dr Lonnie Lowery, and coach Phil discuss what are doing personally and with our clients during this time of being inside starting at the walls. We give you some tips that you can use also to come

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Episode 566 Iron Radio – Dan John – KISS Exercise at Home

KISS exercise at home *from www.ironradio.org Stuck at home with no gym or worse, stuck in bed? After sharing some news on slowing muscle loss, the guys interview friend-of-the-show Dan John about keeping your training simple and effective at home. http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/566IronRadio_Dan_John_KISS_at_Home.mp3 Rock on! Dr Mike miketnelson.com

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Muscle for Life podcast – HRV to Improve Recovery & Training

*from Muscle for Life podcast. Incredibly honored to be interviewed by Mike Matthews on Muscle for Life podcast about one of my all time fav topics, HRV. Even though he was originally skeptical of HRV as some weird biohack, Mike wanted me to tell him why using HRV makes a difference in training and recovery.

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Episode 550 Iron Radio – Minimums are Maximal

*from www.ironradio.org I have to admit that travel is epic, but it is great to be back home! Even if you don’t travel, I know you have times in your life that stress gets crazy.  How do you keep your fitness routine going? What modifications do you make? For myself and my clients, I like

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ANTIAGING Hacks podcast: How to use Exercise and Diet to get your Best Body, Lose Fat and Build Muscle

*from www.antiaginghacks.net So did you know that one of the big benefits of exercise is its anti-aging effects? Faraz Khan of the ANTIAGING Hacks podcast interviewed me about this topic. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation: What is Metabolic Flexibility and why is it Important 9:25 How to use fats or carbs

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