Episode 532 Iron Radio – Super Foods

*from www.ironradio.org Are super foods the greatest thing ever to get stronger, add more lean body mass, and lose fat? If so, what qualifies as one? Does it have to be picked by an Amazonian tribe member at 11:54 pm under a full moon with 2 piranhas stuck to his ass? Or is all of

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Dr Ruscio Radio: Flex Your Metabolism & Add Endurance Training for Performance

*from www.drruscio.com Had a great podcast interview with Dr. Michael Ruscio. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1PyHgbqj4jtp0sQoCgZmSz I got to chat with my good friend Dr Ruscio once again on his podcast.   We chatted about everything from longevity to performance, carbs vs fats for fuel, how to add in more aerobic training (and why), and much more. In this

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Episode 500 Iron Radio – Time Travel Retrospective

*from www.ironradio.org Travel back in time... A retrospective of Iron Radio for over a decade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJir02Jia0w   In a special 500th episode, the Dr. Lonnie, Phil and I set aside the usual format to travel back in time. Each host brings up some of their favorite topics, guests, and laughs - often with a flashback

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Episode 464 Iron Radio- Mail and News

*From www.IronRadio.org http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/464IronRadio_Mail_and_News.mp3 It's time to catch up on listener mail and news before heading into a few weeks of upcoming guests. Join in for a wide range of topics this week: training periodization proper use of coffee for fat loss new study on higher protein diets testosterone injections for older guys. The intrepid trio

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Episode 457 Iron Radio-Ryan Munsey on the Mental Side of Training

*From www.IronRadio.org http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/457IronRadio_Ryan_Munsey_Mental_Side_Training_Recov.mp3 This past week, Dr. Lonnie, Phil and I had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Munsey. Ryan shares his origin story in fitness and talks about a brief stint in modeling. In the topic of the day, we discuss the psychological and emotional side to recovery. Listen in to learn how to

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Episode 455 Iron Radio- Roll the Eyes Fitness Journalism

*From www.IronRadio.org After listener mail and news - with some remote commentary from Coach Stevens - the guys discuss fitness and nutrition journalism across the years. http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/455IronRadio_Roll_the_Eyes_Fitness_Journalism.mp3 The opening segment has the guys discussing the explosion of podcasting twice-weekly training programs upcoming events coffee bogus invitations to supposedly collaborate misleading headlines. Indeed, some of what's

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Episode 454 Iron Radio- Topic Mail & News Potpourri

*From www.IronRadio.org Listen in for the latest on IronRadio. http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/454IronRadio_Mail_and_News_Potpourri.mp3 Growth of the podcast once again has the guys covering listener mail and muscle-nutrition news. Dr. Lonnie, Phil and I discuss a broad range of topics including: quad development fat loss supplements for middle-aged women coffee and muscle soreness the case against juice sauna and

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Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes

Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes from Anatomy Trains 5 Day Course in AZ, Jan 2018 Note – these are my personal notes / observations.  I did my best to attribute them to the correct source whenever possible, and if I missed quoted something, please let me know.   These are also from my memory post meditation each

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Episode 447 Iron Radio- Crystal Ball 2018 Fitness Predictions

*From www.IronRadio.org As the new year gets underway, so do the IronRadio guys - with their 2018 plans and predictions! http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/452IronRadio_Plans_and_Predictions.mp3 I recorded my part there before the Vikings game (wow, what a finish) so I will add “Vikings in the Super Bowl at Home!” In the news segment, topics like cheaper, safer regional drug

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