Ah…..nothing like hanging out on my couch on a cool Fall day with a fresh cup of Kick-Ass dark coffee post AM routine (red light, RPR, neuro rehab drills, cardio on the row and bike, cold water immersion in the ole freezer filled w water at 43F, reading brand new research.

Yes, I read research for fun. I am so thankful for ye’ ole PubMed. The downside is it’s as dry as the bottoms of my feet come December here in Minnesota.

The rare exception to my faithful PubMed reading is a few books and the monthly publication of MASS!

Today, I read the October issue and it is another darn good one.

The lifting nerds covered topics ranging from the satiety effects of protein, longer vs shorter rest periods for lifting, to even a video series on posing for the truly hardcore, plus a ton more.

The best part about MASS is that they translate the research for you. You do not need to be an expert on all the nuances that go into it.

Plus, since it is a full digital PDF of over 100 pages, you can skip the articles that don’t apply directly to you or your clients or even…gasp…skip over the tyrants of stats by Greg “I am an AI cyborg” Nuckols…..hehehe.

MASS is my favorite monthly CEU product out there. Check it out

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Read, learn, apply, get stronger and leaner,

Dr Mike

PS- Yes, I am an affiliate for MASS and I do make a few sheckles off it. I love it and you will too.