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I was recently on the Optimal Performance Podcast sponsored by Natural Stacks and hosted by Ryan Munsey.

I had a great time discussing many affects of vitamin C from things ranging from immune function to  cancer.

We also talked about using heart rate variability (HRV) to determine when to push hard in your training or pull back.

In addition, we touched on couple other topics such as metabolic flexibility to increase performance and teach your body to burn more fat.

Listen in above and learn:

  1. Fact Of The Day: Vitamin C kills tumors and a study that it shows promise in cancer treatments
  2. The REAL reason Vitamin C matters…and how much do you actually need?
  3. You’ve heard of antioxidants…but what about “pro-oxidants” and why they’re important?
  4. What wine grapes teach us about stress and polyphenols
  5. The correlation between Zinc and testosterone
  6. HRV: Heart Rate Variability and how it removes the guesswork and emotional bias from training
  7. 3 ‘divisions’ of the body
  8. Balancing the metabolic cost of your choices and activities
  9. The argument about eating 0.7g Protein per pound of bodyweight per day
  10. How creatine can be used to treat concussions and boosting both mental and physical performance
  11. A special Vitamin C discount code for listeners

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