Dr. Mike and Dr. Sara Campbell take an in-depth look at gut health and exercise. Topics include everything from the microbiome, nutrition, what foods may be useful – what foods to avoid. Also, how the gut is related to all sorts of things – including insulin sensitivity and body composition.

We discuss:

  • How bugs change in response to exercise and how exercise can change gut bugs.
  • Reduction in microbiota can cause exercise to suffer in mice – discussion of recent studies
  • How can humans test themselves based on the mouse study
  • How microbes adapt to training stimulus*
  • How long does it take microbiota to change and keep that change from reverting to baseline
  • Gut bugs and inulin in type 2 diabetics.
  • Classification of microbes
  • Where more research is needed in regards to resistance training and HIIT
  • Top two things people should be doing and one thing most people are probably not doing that they should
  • How you go about data collection in a lab

Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 9 Gut Health and Exercise: Interview with Dr. Sara Campbell

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