Greetings from the early AM hours on a Saturday here in Minnesota where I am going behind the cheddar curtain to Wisconsin for the Reflexive Performance Rest (RPR) Level 2 course in a few hours after recording Iron Radio.

Wait, you may be saying, why is this nerd taking the RPR Level 2 class when he was teaching it last year in the US and even Australia? Did he get demoted?


I am taking my Sat to go there and learn more. It is a chance to sharpen the saw once again. Plus Cal “Big Daddy” Dietz and Chris “I transform sprinters” Korfist are both teaching. Hell ya!

I have no doubt that I will learn a few new things and pick up even better ways to teach it in the future.

This is what I love. I don’t view it as “work.” I am blessed to do what I love every day.

This same principle applies to you in the gym/ at home now to reach your goals .

Yeah, you may not like squats and you have to do them from time to time, but I bet you can pick exercises that you mostly like and still hit your goals.

Find the exercises you love to do and transfer to your goals.

You will be more into the process and get better results to boot.

It does not have to be drudgery.

True, some days it will suck. Yes you will not love every minute, especially if you are doing higher intensity work on the rower :O

Still stack the deck in your favor and it will not seem like “work” ever.

Rock on,

Dr Mike

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