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“I left you a long voice message the other day but just to re-cap, My breathing is unbelievable.

I had to shovel snow on Monday for most of my day and breathing was not an issue like before. …I am still tender in the chest and rib area ( hell the cat cant even walk on my chest) but cant wait for more pain, Ha Ha Ha. I would still like to come for another session …..Joe

“Mike did an amazing job correcting severe tightness in my body.  I have always struggled with limited mobility, and I had also begun to suffer occasional knee and neck pain.  

During the roughly 90 minute RPR session, he was able to pinpoint and address several areas of severe tightness.  By the end of the session, he had significantly increased my range of motion and improved my body mechanics.  His work goes beyond the short-term relief of a regular massage and the RPR work actually corrects long standing problems with your body mechanics.  I highly recommend his services. -Todd Bacon

Thanks for the laughs today! lol lol lol painful yet awesome. We definitely appreciated your time with us today. You successfully made Drew a believer too. RPR FOR THE WIN

Today was fun! Special thanks to Dr. Mike T Nelson for the fix! #RPR#thenextbigthing

Attention friends in the health & fitness industry (especially strength coaches, PTs, chiros, trainers, athletes)…please learn about Reflexive Performance Reset – it is game changing.” – Cora Sandow, fitness coach

 I will sing RPR praises all day long. After testing 3RM DL and FS, I was nervous about hip pain. Guess what??? NO PAIN!! In fact, I felt great!!   RPR for the big win!!” – Amy Pico

I am moving better than I have in days! Seriously, when I got up today I was wondering if I would EVER feel better as I went totally backward. Gait is coming around, I think it helped to walk the mall. At home right now and able to pick my clothes up off the floor (now wifey is happy) in a semi-controlled manner with …NO PAIN. Wow, this sh&t works. Got some major battle scars, we’ll see how much I can do on myself!”  – Brad Ellingson

“I’m shocked with what Dr. Mike taught at our private seminar and have started to use the RPR techniques he taught us in my daily practice. 

Just doing 5 minutes of the techniques I felt I could breath deeper and actually had 30% more mobility/flexibility in my leg test afterwards!

During one of the RPR sessions my arms started getting tingly and my hands started to clench by themselves! Dr. Mike had me stand up and did some jaw work which made my arms and hands go back to normal. Apparently I hold tension in my jaw which effected the rest of my body.

Complete amazement the whole time. As a former dancer and massage therapist my mind was blown. Thank you Dr. Mike! Can’t wait to work with you again.”

Thank you soo so soo much!”  -Kirsten, former dancer, massage therapist.

Today as the day went on today, I began felt better. I sucked it up and got my training in. I followed the warm up video along with some breaths. The spots were “stickier” on my left. 

Strength was ok, hard to judge being under the weather, but man did my form feel solid!

I kind of disregarded my normal cues, I remembered what you said about the Russian guys being all loose until they had to pick something up. I did brace and I was able to get so much more air in, what a weird feeling! 

I was actually chuckling in between reps because I felt so solid, I could FEEL my glutes and core turning on. I thought about keeping my face, hands and feet relaxed. So absolutely a difference!

In my check-in with my coach this morning I told him it feels like I had a thoracic cage transplant because there was that much of a difference in posture and movement! (I also told him I that I had given birth at home, unmedicated and that the activation stuff was more painful, haha!)

What a difference in just regular daily movement, especially rotation. I guess I did not realize how restricted I was. I was pretty sore Tuesday evening but it has pretty much cleared up. Thank you so much, the whole experience was truly liberating!

I can’t thank you enough for not only fixing my body up but for all the education resources, I am truly grateful!  -Jennifer Turner, trainer, lifter, mom

Hey Mike,
Just thought I’d share my fat loss story as you inspired it.I have never committed to a 12-16 week ‘cutting’ phase. I like food too much and couldn’t really see the point in getting a 6 pack.I heard you talk about building your step count to create a deficit. I gave it a go as I work from home and have the freedom to walk around a lot.

I calculated if I walk around for 10-20 minutes per hour I could create huge step counts over the day.

I carried on eating my slight calorie surplus diet but started doing 20 mins of walking per waking hour, this created quite a big deficit almost 40-50% less than my maintenance.

In 10 weeks I’m leaner than when I was a kid. You can actually see all of my abs even though I never do ab workouts.

I have never felt deprived as I’m eating the same as before, often more.

Thanks for the heads up anyway. Eating bulking calories and getting cut is the way forward.