Thank You from Mr. Mole and Friends

Mr. Mole

“Cuz I dug up the research already.”

**Mr. Mole and his friends are busy printing your book right now and will  have it in the mail today.
Mr. Mole and his friends want to thank you so much for purchasing the book, Mr. Mole Goes to Sleep.

Huge Thank You!!!!

 . . . because creating better sleep habits is better for Everyone!

What’s next in Mr. Mole’s world?

Mr. Mole would like to introduce you to some of his friends later this spring.  He will keep you posted!

Mr. Mole is born . . . From the co-author, Jodie Nelson:

Mr. Mole started as a funny saying between Mike and me.  He liked to turn off all the lights as it got closer to bedtime.  Me?  I can’t see very well in the dark.  So, I always turn lights on in each room as the sun starts to go down.

I one night, as Mike left his desk from a long session of research rabbit-holing, he came around the corner squinting into my brightly lit room. I said, “Hey there, Mr. Mole.  How’s it going?”

That little exchange started a funny conversation every time I would find him huddled in the dark researching at his desk as I came in to switch the lights on.

After one of these nights, one of us brought up the idea to write a children’s’ book about Mr. Mole going to bed. And then the idea got bigger. “What if we write a children’s’ book about healthy sleep habits that adults will read to their children?”  The action steps would be simple enough for a child, yet probably things that many adults haven’t incorporated into their sleep and bedtime ritual. This is how Mr. Mole was born and he’s evolved so much since then. It’s going to be a wonderful book for everyone. We can’t wait to share it with you.