All across the world people are getting ready to watch the big game.

And with the big game comes some big eats too.

But what about your fitness goals?

How do you balance both of them?  Read on for an easy game plan that you can follow.

No, it does not involve turning off the big game and not eating!  Screw that.

The Balancing Act

While it is wishful thinking that you will avoid eating some crazy foods, that is not super realistic nor the answer to everything.

I say, sit back, enjoy the game (and the commercials- what other time do you ever say that), but make sure to do this come Monday (the very next day).

#1 Thing = Do this Monday —> Get right back on track!

Don’t use the fact that your favorite team either won or lost to get off track.

What if I am I am not ready?

Take the day off Monday from the gym and use it to go shop for real food and make your protein for the week.

I find that cooking protein is the “rate limiting step” (fancy Geek speak for the main thing that is holding you up).

You will make much better progress on your goals by switching out this time for some nutrition work than getting in one extra session at the gym.

Come Tuesday, you are all set for the week!

Post Superbowl Game Plan – Step by Step

What Do I Cook?

1) Pick up a bunch (5-8 lbs) of protein

This can be chicken breast, hamburgers, turkey (which is cheap and easy to make) or even fish.

Pick up enough to make it through the week at a min of 3 meals a day.

Cook it up all at once.   Grilling it is even easier. . .

2) Add some veggies

Yes, those colored things that you hear people talk about.  No, not colored fruit loops cereal.

Pick out some veggies that you will eat during the week.

If you are clueless, just grab a few bags of frozen mixed ones.  If that is too much, literally open the door in the freezer section, close your eyes, and grab a few bags.

3) Starchy carbs

For your meals pre and post training, add some starchy carbs like white rice, sweet potatoes or even fruits like spotted bananas.

If you are using white rice or potatoes, add them to your containers.  Just 1 medium sized potato or about 1/2 a cup of cooked rice will work.

Pro tip- I bought a metal container rice cooker for 34 clams and a large 20 lb bag of organic white rice at CostCo for pennies a meal.

4) Prep – the easy way!

Cook up your proteins

Add about 4 oz or more cooked protein to each container

Add your mixed veggies (note:  you do NOT need to cook them since they will steam once your microwave or stove-heat your meals).

Cook up the starchy carbs and add them in.  Mark them pre/ post training.

5) Dominate the week!

In a little over the time it took you to get to the gym and train, you have set up your nutrition for the whole week.

Just pull out a couple from the fridge before work and you are set.

The ones with protein and veggies are for any time.  The ones with more carbs are for before and after weight training sessions.


Don’t use the big game as a reason to get off track the week after Superbowl.

Sit back, eat some tasty food, heck, even have a beer if you want (dark beer only, not that piss water light beer crap), and enjoy the game.

Come Monday, you have your game plan ready to go for the week.  Put it to work.  Reap the benefits!

Rock on,
Dr Mike