I was super stoked to see the industrial band Skinny Puppy while I was in Denver.


What an amazing live show! The performance was on point from the theatrics to the vocals to the overall sound. Loved it!

On the way home it made me think about 2 huge fitness tactics based on the show.

1) Timeless

Skinny Puppy played about half of the first part of their 2-hour set with tracks from the early part of their career – from the late 80s and early 90s.

The crazy part is that the songs did not sound that dated at all, especially considering most of the tracks were creeping up on 3 decades old. This is a huge feat, especially in industrial music.

This reminded me that the classic big basic exercises will never be dated either. Classics like deadlifts, bench press, squat, overhead press, etc.

This does not mean you must back squat, but you can do a variation like a Zercher squat, front squat, safety bar squat, etc.

Ditto for the deadlift. You can use a trap bar, farmers bars, axle bar, or even the Jefferson variation.

The key is to pick up something heavy from the ground or squat down with weight.

These timeless movements should serve as the cornerstone of your training still today.

Leave the 1 arm high pull single cable pulls with a split stance -or whatever the eel-shaped IG biomech proZ say is the best – as icing on the cake, not the main exercise.

2) Consistency

This tour by Skinny Puppy was both their last tour ever (sniff sniff) and their 40th year as a band.

Crazy to think they have been playing music for 4 decades.

Starting out nobody really knew who they were. Over time, they gained more and more fans. Last night the venue was packed!

The key here is to…….keep going.

Consistency will get you far and is 100% under your control.

Yes, life will toss things at you in an attempt to throw you off track. Get up, go again.

Violent consistency for the win!

There you have 2 huge tactics that you can apply to gain more muscle and strength starting today!

Much love,
Dr Mike