Sippin’ and Synthesizin’: Barflies and Protein Pioneers

It has been an absolute whirlwind of madness around these parts with all the crazy-a$$ traveling, but I freaking love it. Most days I have to pinch myself to make sure it is not a dream. As you damn well know, last week I hopped on the flying germ tube from Costa Rica and

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Does what you eat affect what you burn? (New research)

Hola! from South Padre TX where I scored an epic sunset kiteboarding session last night and the wonderful wifey Jodie was up riding for a long way on the board during her lesson with Captain Rob. Before I hit the kiteboard evening session, I was so focused on getting stuff done here that I

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3 Lifting and life lessons from Bud Grant (RIP)

Long time coach of the MN Vikings, Bud Grant recently passed away. He was 95 years old. I grew up watching him coach outside in the frigid Minna-snow-da winters. For those who are not football fans (and this does have some important fitness lessons), Bud Grant was a legendary former football coach who was

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Got Cheese? New research on muscle growth

I'm excited to share with you the results of a recent study (1) published in the Journal of Nutrition. The study aimed to investigate the effects of cheese ingestion on muscle protein synthesis rates - the process of stuffing amino acids into muscle to make it bigger and stronger. This study was done in

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Antibiotics and Aerobic Capacity

Every good scientific experiment starts with a question. Such as, “Does Joannie love Chachi?”. Followed by stating a hypothesis. My hypothesis states that “Joannie does, in fact, love Chachi.” And then, science can begin. All these shenanigans just to say that Dr. Mike T Nelson had a question. Dr. Mike has a

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Optimal Conditions = the Death of Progress

Greetings from rainy, cold (well, it is 53 degrees now) which would be a heatwave if I was in Minnesota . . . overcast, and did I mention pelting rain? But there is wind! And you know what I do when there is wind? Go kiteboard, of course! Now, you may be rightfully thinking

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HRV, Stress, Strength: Dr. Mike T Nelson for the 2019 Granite Games Summit

Tune in to hear my 2019 Granite Games Summit on Recovery: Aspects of Sleep and HRV. Learn more about: [5:57] Stimulus and response [8:27] Stress 101 [9:40] Stress response [12:10] HRV 101 [20:20] Sleep 101 [29:34] 5 action items [33:30] Q&A To learn more about how to use HRV to

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