Burn the Ships – What are you Willing to Pay to Achieve Your Goals?

Time flies, even during hard times. 8 years ago, almost to the day, I did my PhD Defense . . . . . . and passed. To say that I was sweating bullets about it is an under statement. The overall PhD process from when I started through class work, teaching, lab assistant, completing

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Question About Sleep – and not the answer you would expect

I got the following question the other day from a student in the Flex Diet Mentorship program: "Is sleep much like nutrition in that as long as we get the optimal amounts in this case of macros and micros, over time we're all good, or with sleeping there is a greater need to get

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What You Need to Know About Grilling Meat and Carcinogens

I got this question last week in response to my protein series where I discussed my fav is a wood-smoked steak, reverse-seared at high heat at the end, with a nice Guinness coffee nitro stout. “Aren’t’ you concerned about HCAs from grilling?” To which I replied “Obviously not” Hahaha. While it is true that HCAs

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Elite Athletes Do This One Thing – Can You Guess it?

Question for you . . . How do you know when someone is elite in movement/exercise/sport? Weight lifted? World record? Speed of the lift? How much of a sour-puss face they made during it? To me, all elite athletes make hard things look easy. Elite wide recievers in the NFL look like they are

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Better Lifting Performance (rarely discussed tip)

Lifting performance is the unheralded key to both body comp and adding lean body mass/muscle, especially as you get older. I am 46 years old now and I really wish someone would have pulled my eel-shaped 6'3" 155 lb carcass to the curb almost 30 years ago and told me this method. Not sure

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New Research on Slashing Calories by 50 Percent for Body Composition

I recently attended the International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN) annual meeting in Florida and wanted to share some brand new data on what happens when slashing calories by 50 percent for body composition. My good friend Dr Bill Campbell and his lab performed the research. Background When many at Planet Fitness opt to

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The Importance of Tracking Your Trends

Somedays no matter how good you feel, your workout sucks. That was me yesterday lifting in the Extreme Human Performance Center (aka garage gym). It was safety squat, dips, and rolling thunder (rotating handle/grip strength) day. Tracking your trends can help you figure out why. I got into the gym a bit later than

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