Does what you eat affect what you burn? (New research)

Hola! from South Padre TX where I scored an epic sunset kiteboarding session last night and the wonderful wifey Jodie was up riding for a long way on the board during her lesson with Captain Rob. Before I hit the kiteboard evening session, I was so focused on getting stuff done here that I

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3 Lifting and life lessons from Bud Grant (RIP)

Long time coach of the MN Vikings, Bud Grant recently passed away. He was 95 years old. I grew up watching him coach outside in the frigid Minna-snow-da winters. For those who are not football fans (and this does have some important fitness lessons), Bud Grant was a legendary former football coach who was

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Got Cheese? New research on muscle growth

I'm excited to share with you the results of a recent study (1) published in the Journal of Nutrition. The study aimed to investigate the effects of cheese ingestion on muscle protein synthesis rates - the process of stuffing amino acids into muscle to make it bigger and stronger. This study was done in

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Antibiotics and Aerobic Capacity

Every good scientific experiment starts with a question. Such as, “Does Joannie love Chachi?”. Followed by stating a hypothesis. My hypothesis states that “Joannie does, in fact, love Chachi.” And then, science can begin. All these shenanigans just to say that Dr. Mike T Nelson had a question. Dr. Mike has a

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Optimal Conditions = the Death of Progress

Greetings from rainy, cold (well, it is 53 degrees now) which would be a heatwave if I was in Minnesota . . . overcast, and did I mention pelting rain? But there is wind! And you know what I do when there is wind? Go kiteboard, of course! Now, you may be rightfully thinking

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HRV, Stress, Strength: Dr. Mike T Nelson for the 2019 Granite Games Summit

Tune in to hear my 2019 Granite Games Summit on Recovery: Aspects of Sleep and HRV. Learn more about: [5:57] Stimulus and response [8:27] Stress 101 [9:40] Stress response [12:10] HRV 101 [20:20] Sleep 101 [29:34] 5 action items [33:30] Q&A To learn more about how to use HRV to

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The Real High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Mad GainZ

Here is an overlooked system to train for increased recovery ability and to be more robust. The first system was temperature and the second system is pH. Your body has to regulate both core temp and blood pH very tight. Small deviations = no bueno. Since your body is an amazing adaptive organism, you

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How To Build More Muscle: The Battle of EAAs vs BCAAs

Poke around the internet and it gets confusing in the land of supplements Here is a question I got the other day. “Hey doc, I heard that BCAAs are not useful at all for adding muscle. Is this true? Thanks." - Mark If you are old like me, you remember back to the stone

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