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Episode 532 Iron Radio – Super Foods

*from Are super foods the greatest thing ever to get stronger, add more lean body mass, and lose fat? If so, what qualifies as one? Does it have to be picked by an Amazonian tribe member at 11:54 pm under a full moon with 2 piranhas stuck to his ass? Or is all of

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VO2 Max: The Forgotten Factor in Your Training

Another factor that you may have not considered is your current VO2 max This goes by other names such as "aerobic base" or 'aerobic capacity." I am not going to split a hairy rat's butt hairs about the difference. Typically you can get a VO2 max test done with fancy equipment, but what if you

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Dr Ruscio Radio: Flex Your Metabolism & Add Endurance Training for Performance

*from Had a great podcast interview with Dr. Michael Ruscio. I got to chat with my good friend Dr Ruscio once again on his podcast.   We chatted about everything from longevity to performance, carbs vs fats for fuel, how to add in more aerobic training (and why), and much more. In this

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Contrast Creates Awareness

Travel is great since it provides you perspective via  a different environment. For example, when I was in Baja Mexicos this past January,  bolted upright in bed the first day with 21 things running through my head. For a kiteboarding trip, this is pretty normal as I fly straight up out bed and look at the window to

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