Episode 133: Muscle Meathead Meanderings and Getting Results for Clients with Ryan L’Ecuyer

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Ryan L'Ecuyer and I talk about meathead stuff, hypertrophy, exercise, and a bunch of other fun topics. Ryan has been competing as a natural bodybuilder for many years. He's also coach @lacurefit on Instagram and coach and

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Episode 132: The Effects of Creatine Supplements on Brain Function, Concussion, and Sports Performance with Dr Eric Rawson

Today's Flex Diet Podcast comes to you from Costa Rica. Dr. Eric Rawson and I talk all about the use of creatine as a supplement and for brain health. Dr. Rawson's research focuses on the interaction between nutrition and skeletal muscle. In particular, he has

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Episode 131: Health and Recovery in 2022: Interview with Dr Krista Scott-Dixon of Precision Nutrition

In this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, I chat with Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon from Precision Nutrition about what it means to be healthy and functional in light of the last few years. Dr. Scott-Dixon is the director of curriculum for Precision Nutrition and leads

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Episode 130: My Prediction of 2 Huge Fitness Tends in 2022 + Flex Diet Cert OPEN Now

Find out what I believe will be the two biggest trends in fitness and exercise for 2022. And, learn more about the Flex Diet Certification course opening today, January 3rd through Monday, January 10th, 2022. Episode Notes #1 Hybrid Training in-person and online combined nutrition

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