Episode 230: Exploring Preventive Health and Personalized Nutrition Catherine Staffieri from Nutrisense

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, registered dietician Catherine Saffieri and I dive into the world of preventive health and personalized nutrition. With Catherine's guidance, we unravel the intricacies of glucose response and the impact of various lifestyle choices

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Episode 228: Unlocking the Power of Astaxanthin: A Deep Dive with Dr. Karen Hecht

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Flex Diet Podcast! I'm your host, Dr. Mike T. Nelson. Our mission here is to explore strategies for enhancing muscle performance and optimizing body composition within a flexible and health-conscious framework. Today, we've got

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Episode 226: A Deep Dive into Ketones, Astaxanthin, and Cognitive Enhancement with Dr. Hunter Waldman

On this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Dr. Hunter Waldman and I discuss the factors that influence metabolic flexibility, from exercise to stress and sleep, and illuminate how these elements can shape your metabolic journey. We also explore a supplement

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Episode 225: The Intersection of Fitness, Stress, and Nutrition: A Conversation with Expert Jenny the Nutritionist

In this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Jenny the Nutritionist and I tackle the issue of body image identity, discussing strategies to help clients fine-tune their shape and aim for small adjustments over time. We discuss Jenny's insights into managing

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The Art of Work by Maynard James Kenan

I love this series Revolver magazine did a few years ago on Maynard from Tool about how and why he does so much from being in 3 bands - Tool, A Perfect Circle, Pussifer, to running a winery and eating establishments to learning BJJ - eventually getting a legit purple belt. Here is the 4

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