5 Steps to Dominate Your Superbowl Party (and meet your fitness goals)

All across the world people are getting ready to watch the big game. And with the big game comes some big eats too. But what about your fitness goals? How do you balance both of them?  Read on for an easy game plan that you can follow. No, it does not involve turning off the

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CBD Goes Mainstream

The other AM on my walk / run when I was in in Ventana, Mexico they had the local Farmer’s Market.   I opted to take a look and found everything from local smoked tuna (quite tasty), to strawberries, local crafts, veggies, and wonderful baked goods. To my surprise, I even saw a local CBD vendor. 

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CBD and Sleep

“Hey Doc, I hear all the experts online saying that CBD is amazing for sleep.  What do you think?” Another epic question. I wondered the same thing, so like a good nerd, I hit the ole pubmed and ran that experiment myself. I have been using the Charlotte’s Web Maximum Strength mixed cannabinoids hemp extract

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CBD vs Hemp oil

Recently asked question by a reader . . . “Can I just take pure CBD or mixed cannabinoids?  I don’t understand the difference?” - Jeff Great question, Jeff! In my biased opinion, I would go with the mixed cannabinoids that are standardized for CBD (such as CW Extra Strength Hemp Oil).  . . that way

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