Recently asked question by a reader . . .

“Can I just take pure CBD or mixed cannabinoids?  I don’t understand the difference?” – Jeff

Great question, Jeff!

In my biased opinion, I would go with the mixed cannabinoids that are standardized for CBD (such as CW Extra Strength Hemp Oil).  . . that way you get CBD but also the other compounds that appear to have addition benefits.  


The downside is that there is some THC in there.  Don’t worry, it is not enough that you would ever feel it even if you drank the whole bottle (which is NOT recommended). It is only 0.3% THC. The reason THC is in there is that it does have beneficial properties and the dose is low enough that you can still buy it over the counter in all states. 

The CW pure CBD does NOT have any THC though. Check that – it has a fraction of a fraction of a fraction off a gnat’s ass – but basically zero. This is an option if you are in a profession that tests for THC, and you are worried that you may not pass a test.


Now you have some options and more info on both!  Check them out below and make sure to use the code    drmike  to save 15% when purchased through Driven Nutrition.  

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Use the code   drmike  to save 15%

Rock on!
Dr Mike

PS – Yes, it is an affiliate link so I do make a few clams, but it is the one that I personally trust and use myself.