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Episode 457 Iron Radio-Ryan Munsey on the Mental Side of Training

*From This past week, Dr. Lonnie, Phil and I had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Munsey. Ryan shares his origin story in fitness and talks about a brief stint in modeling. In the topic of the day, we discuss the psychological and emotional side to recovery. Listen in to learn how to

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Episode 116 Low Carb Paleo Show

**From I feel so honored to have been interviewed recently on the Low Carb Paleo Show by Alain Braux and Mark Moxom. Here's a brief description of their show. . . "What is the Low Carb Paleo Show all about? Well, it’s about all the interesting and useful information that you can get from

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Met Flex Interview

I recently was interviewed by Duncan who asked me some great questions. We discussed several topics related to nutrition to maximize body composition and performance such as: Total Daily Energy Expenditure - how much we burn per day based on recommended caloric intake levels Immune System recovery and thoughts on the "anabolic window" post-exercise

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Episode 455 Iron Radio- Roll the Eyes Fitness Journalism

*From After listener mail and news - with some remote commentary from Coach Stevens - the guys discuss fitness and nutrition journalism across the years. The opening segment has the guys discussing the explosion of podcasting twice-weekly training programs upcoming events coffee bogus invitations to supposedly collaborate misleading headlines. Indeed, some of what's

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