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I was up at 4 am the other day as I am back home from another epic trip with the wonderful wifey.  At the end of the trip, we were in San Clemente the other day, we got to see one of our favorite humans – none other than Markus from www.gymbreakthroug.com! He took us

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Anatomy Trains Course “Moving Through Trauma” with Tom Myers July 2019: Notes from Mike T Nelson

Anatomy Trains Course "Moving through trauma” with Tom Myers July 2019: Notes from Mike T Nelson Note- These are my ramblings that I wanted to share with you and represent my interpretation of the what I learned. When there was a direct quote, I placed it in quotes. I would highly recommend the course, so

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Stress, Travel, and Routine Interruptions: 4 Solutions

I am back in Minnesota for a couple days as we head out to the Ancestral Health Society conference this coming Wed night since I am presenting there Thurs AM on the use of CBD.  Hit me up if you are going to be there. This past few days I was in Maine doing a

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