HRV Data from 7 Days of Intermittent Fasting (n=1)

Here is some data from a client that did a medically supervised, water only, fast for 7 days in a row.

We had a great baseline before too.   You will notice that HRV went down and resting heart rate went up.

This is to be expected since a long water only fast is a big stressor to the body.  That does not mean it is inherently “bad”  . . . just make sure to take that into consideration if you are working with your doc to do a long fast.

This client had also done shorter fasts for up to 24 hours beforehand in addition to intelligent training to make sure she was not too overextended before going into it (yes I did her training/ nutrition).

Cool n=1 data of a longer, water only fast, as I have not seen much data in this area.

Dr Mike