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Episode 526 Iron Radio – ISSN Recap

*from In a special episode, Drs. Lowery and Nelson share highlights – on site – from this year’s International Society of Sports Nutrition conference in Las Vegas. Enjoy!...


Fitness vs Donuts

One of the fun things about travel is all the people you meet, especially in the fitness world.  I love it.  While this one was not with a fitness...

Nerds vs Bros : CBD Effects on GH and Cortisol – Does It Enhance Exercise Recovery?

Here is one of the big ones I hear about CBD (cannabidiol) and recovery. “Yo bro, don’t you know that CBD helps increase growth hormone and lowers cortisol?” Something...

CBD Quality: What NOT to buy

CBD week rolls on here on the blog and thank you for all the wonderful emails about the podcast I did on that topic with Jason yesterday.   Super stoked...


Revolutionary You Ep #193 – CBD – Hype or Not

*from How about some research to backup the CBD talk? My buddy, Jason Leenaarts interviews me about a very popular topic . . . CBD Enjoy! Dr Mike


Can CBD Help With Anxiety?

Ah, commercial gyms…. I typically only lift at them when I travel and one day a week at home for “dude-brah upper” day as I like the machines and...