One of the fun things about travel is all the people you meet, especially in the fitness world.  I love it.  While this one was not with a fitness pro, I do have a fitness lesson at the end for you.

My team and I were in GA for the Muscle Nerds Foundations course and needed a place to work for just a little bit.  Closest place with wifi was a donut shop.  So we settled in, and I decided to get a donut with my coffee.

Me to donut guy at the donut shop:  “What donut should I order?”

Donut guy:  “I don’t know.”

Me:  “What do you recommend?”

Donut guy:  “Whatever you want.”

Me: “No recommendations?”

Donut guy:   “Nope.”

Me:  “What is that one next to the apple fritter?”

Donut guy:  “Oreo cookie.”

Me:   “How is it?”

Donut guy:  “I don’t know; I don’t eat donuts.”

Me:  “You work at a donut shop and don’t eat donuts?”

Donut guy:  “Correct; too much cholesterol.”

Me:  “Oh wow, that is like a vegan working at a steak house.”

Donut guy:   “I’m a vegetarian.”

Me:  “oh!”

My Ops Manager whispered:  “Great job; you’ve insulted him twice in less than a minute.”


If you are going to do your job as a fitness professional, do it!  Clients are depending on you.  Everyone reading this is in the know and being excellent all the time, but there are the kooky / weekend only cert trainers “out there” who are not doing a great job.  Be the excellent difference.

And BE EXCITED ABOUT IT!   I know most of you are . . .But on the days you are not, those questions about fitness may be the first time the person has ever asked the question (though you may have heard it thousands of times before).

If you are a client, ask questions to your trainer.  Don’t settle for the “just shut up and do it.”  Yes, you need to do the work – no question – but understand the process too.

PS.  A donut once in a while won’t wreck you. =)

Hmmmmm, donuts.
Dr Mike