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Episode 497 Iron Radio – Topic Holiday Topics & News

*from Holiday Topics & News On this Thanksgiving weekend, news and listener mail are once again accumulating, so Dr. Lowery, Phil and I talk shop.   Topics include low carb diets as re-feeds, purple corn extracts to help carb metabolism, drug testing, powerlifting federation lawsuits, sleep and dehydration, and new medical uses for

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Episode 495 Iron Radio – Topic Supplement Company Startups

*from Ever wonder about starting your own dietary supplement company? You might be surprised how far gone are the old days of bottling up pills on a kitchen table!   Within the discussion, Drs. Lowery and Nelson get regulatory updates, business tips, label claim education, and product examples from a guy who's done

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Light My Balls On Fire and Testing Fitness Assumptions

Greetings from S Padre TX in April 2019, where the wonderful wifey and I are hanging out with friends and getting in as many kiteboard sessions as we can (pre COVID, of course).  Unfortunately, the weather has been 50% cooperative. We've seen rain every day, but that also means the wind is cranking. Two days

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