3 Step Process to Dominate Any Lift in the Gym

Steven Pressfield had a great short video the other day in response to the many questions he had received about how to write a book. Stay with me here, as this is related to lifting more weight. His answer was profound and simple instead of going off on some crazy technique or a 3-hour

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Episode 148: How to maximize performance, productivity, and sleep with Angus Buckle

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, I'm talking with sleep performance coach Angus Buckle. We dive into all sorts of topics around sleep and performance. Enjoy! Episode Notes Introduction to Angus Importance of nature and having fun outdoors Disconnecting to tap into creativity

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Episode 147: What to do after a layoff/vacation from the gym – how to return safely using the S4 model

Today's Flex Diet Podcast episode is an excerpt from the Iron Radio Podcast I recorded about my time helping the Special Forces In today's podcast, I talk about the model I use for returning to the gym if you've been away for a week or

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