Episode 150: Q and A: Flex Diet Cert, carbs vs fat for fuel and performance, metabolic flexibility, aerobic zones & more

Today's Flex Diet Podcast covers five of the most frequently asked questions in regard to my Flex Diet Certification. I discuss carbs vs fat for fuel and performance, metabolic flexibility, and a few other hot topics. The Flex Diet Cert opens for enrollment Monday, June

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Episode 149: Strength, Hypertrophy and Training Research Update from the REC Conference by Discover Strength 2022

Today, I'm talking about the 2022 Resistance Exercise Conference held in Bloomington, Minnesota. Plus, I give a primer on the Flex Diet Certification course that will open this June. Find out what to expect and what you'll learn as you go through the eight interventions

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3 Step Process to Dominate Any Lift in the Gym

Steven Pressfield had a great short video the other day in response to the many questions he had received about how to write a book. Stay with me here, as this is related to lifting more weight. His answer was profound and simple instead of going off on some crazy technique or a 3-hour

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Episode 147: What to do after a layoff/vacation from the gym – how to return safely using the S4 model

Today's Flex Diet Podcast episode is an excerpt from the Iron Radio Podcast I recorded about my time helping the Special Forces In today's podcast, I talk about the model I use for returning to the gym if you've been away for a week or

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