Why staying in your lane in the fitness industry is BS

Imagine an eight-lane freeway in Los Angeles that’s bumper-to-bumper with Teslas and SUVs. Everyone’s in a hurry, but nobody can get anywhere until everybody gets somewhere. The ones who try to beat the odds with frantic, occasionally dangerous lane changes are greeted with middle fingers and four-letter words. In that context, telling people to

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ANTIAGING Hacks podcast: How to use Exercise and Diet to get your Best Body, Lose Fat and Build Muscle

*from www.antiaginghacks.net So did you know that one of the big benefits of exercise is its anti-aging effects? Faraz Khan of the ANTIAGING Hacks podcast interviewed me about this topic. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation: What is Metabolic Flexibility and why is it Important 9:25 How to use fats or carbs

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The Good and Bad of Nutrition

Studies like this should peak your interest (1). Insulin is not “good” or “bad.” In fact, simple ole insulin is much more complex than we currently appreciate. I get nervous when I hear a simple story + simple descriptor. Stories like . . ..  CarbZ are bad. Protein is good. High intensity interval training is

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