*from www.antiaginghacks.net

So did you know that one of the big benefits of exercise is its anti-aging effects?

Faraz Khan of the ANTIAGING Hacks podcast interviewed me about this topic.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:
  • What is Metabolic Flexibility and why is it Important 9:25
  • How to use fats or carbs as a fuel and alternate 12:20
  • What is the best Fuel For what Scenario 14:00
  • Exercise framework for Burning Body Fat  16:20
  • Examples of Lower Intensity Exercise 18:40
  • Higher Intensity Exercises 21:20
  • How to get the best Body Composition 24:00
  • How to Add 5-7 Pounts of Muscle 29:00
  • Nutrition
  • How to maintain your body at the current weight and muscle 46:00
  • As we get Older, do you change the workouts to avoid injury 48:35
  • Types of Carbs 51:10
  • Top 3 Anti-Aging Hacks 52:12

Dr Mike