Studies like this should peak your interest (1).

Insulin is not “good” or “bad.”

In fact, simple ole insulin is much more complex than we currently appreciate.

I get nervous when I hear a simple story + simple descriptor.

Stories like . . .. 

CarbZ are bad.

Protein is good.

High intensity interval training is good.

You get the idea . . .

Rarely is physiology that simple when you open the hood to see how the engine ticks.

This does not mean you toss up your hands like you are getting mugged in a back alley and run for the free pizza at Planet Fitness.

Your ACTIONS are still pretty simple.

Go lift.

Eat more of X.

Do some cardiovascular training.

Go the F to bed.

Dr Mike

PS- a huge thanks to everyone that already applied, and I will be in touch soon!


1.Hamza SM, Sung MM, Gao F, Soltys CM, Smith NP, MacDonald PE, et al. Chronic insulin infusion induces reversible glucose intolerance in lean rats yet ameliorates glucose intolerance in obese rats. Biochimica et biophysica acta General subjects. 2017;1861(2):313-22.