Why Failing is GOOD

The word “failure” has a bad rap.  Not rap, as in, the latest tune on the radio – which all seem to horrible as I much prefer the ‘old skool’ hip hop like Public Enemy, De La Soul, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8-9mY-JACM&feature=youtu.be De La Soul – classic hip hop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vQaVIoEjOM&feature=youtu.be Don’t Believe the Hype And not “failure,”

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Meathead Hippie Ep 53: with Dr Mike T Nelson: Metabolic Flexibility, Better Movement, and Fascia

*From Meathead Hippie In this episode, Emily Schromm of Meathead Hippie, interviews little ol' me. I sound like Dr. Frankenstein as I report how I was initially intrigued in the human body when I learned the ins and outs of fascia by studying cadavers! We move to the topic of Metabolic flexibility and she quotes a good

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Egg Whites vs Whole Egg

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text animation_duration="1" animation_delay="0"] Ever suffered through just plain egg whites? I will put my hand down now as I’ve done it many times. They are a great source or protein; however, they are pretty devoid of anything remotely close to any flavor. The old timers from 70+ years ago proposed that you needed some fat

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Episode 468 Iron Radio – Food Trends

*from www.ironradio.org Recorded from Austin TX when I was at PaleoFX, Dr Lonnie covers the news including a cool new study using bananas as a recovery food. Dr Lonnie and myself then cover some top food trends that we see and based on the IFT top 10 list. Find out what the next trends in

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Metabolic Dead Zone

Just like being in Death Valley without any water, you don’t want to hang out in what I call the “metabolic dead zone.” What the heck is that you ask?  And no, that is not the PubMed official name. The metabolic dead zone is the place where your protein is relatively high (0.7 – 1

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Metabolic Flexibility, Ketosis, Carb Use, and Performance Rant

Keep in mind that just because an advanced athlete has success with something does not mean you can run out and do it today. I love the concept of metabolic flexibility and the harder and faster you go from one end of the fuel spectrum to the other - the more advanced you need to

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