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Episode 576 Iron Radio – News on Nutrition & Training

*from Listener mail and sports nutrition science news are again building up. Stay abreast! Topics include: chicken vs. beef protein for muscle gain how to take or not take branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) considerations if checking your blood glucose daily weight fluctuations epigenetic changes after lifting evidence-based benefits of fish oils for athletes

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Best Habit Advice Ever – Never Miss Twice

While on a previous kiteboarding trip,  I took some downtime to dig into James Clear's book Atomic Habits. I don’t write a ton about habits, as I feel others do it much better, hence my purchase of his book.  I'm glad I did. One of the tips (and the best habit advice ever, in my

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Fasted Cardio – dem’s fighten’ words

…dem's fighten’ words to bros! In the red corner weighing in at 156 lbs looking like an eel shaped rake, posting on forums as “KingDingling78” and suffering unconsciously with a mad case of DunningKrugeritis, is Bro #1. In the blue corner weighing in at 230 lbs at an internet-professed 8% body fat and benching 400

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Training for maximal gainZ w Dr Eric Helms

Dr Eric Helms and I talk about setting up your training for maximal gainZ on the podcast today! We chat about how to set up training around goals, periodization and start off with our adventures getting home from Costa Rica as airports and borders started shutting down. In addition, I cover: Getting creative with

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Flex Diet Podcast – Season 2 Begins

I'm back! Join me for Season 2 of the Flex Diet Podcast - formerly known as Not Another Fitness Podcast....for fitness geeks only. I also have a tip on how to use aerobic training to maximize performance and body composition, even if you only enjoy lifting weights. In addition I cover: How to use aerobic

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Episode 575 Iron Radio – The Guys Talk Diet Characterization

*from After news concerning lab-grown meats and microbe-synthesized dairy (casein), the guys reflect on what characterizes their diets. Macronutrient focus, food groups, supplementation, seasonal changes, timing, and kitchen skills all get attention. Rock on! Dr Mike

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Control Your Response to Stress…Kryptonite to your Gainz

During this time when everything is "different" than life before COVID  19, every chance I've had to think and talk about managing stress . . I take it. We may be feeling more worry and anxiety than ever, but there are some simple ways to control your response to stress. We are in this together

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Why you do NOT need motivation to train like pro

There I said it. I am not a fan of motivation. I am not against motivation; I don't count on it - either with my training or with clients who train with me. Why? It's not needed. Ask yourself - how many training sessions would you do if you only train when you're motivated? I bet it

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Episode 574 Iron Radio: Guest Kory VanWyck – strength & conditioning coach vs COVID 19

Strength and conditioning coach Vs Covid 19... *from Are ketotic diets problematic for obese people? And can low testosterone make you more vulnerable to COVID-19? The guys share science news with strength coach Korey VanWyk, then check in with him for gold nuggets on how he's addressing the public health crisis in his classes

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