Some days being in the Fitness Industry, as much as I love it, has me contemplating a short walk off a long pier.

 I’ve checked out much more from the ole Flakebook over the last 4-6 weeks. Today, I popped in to see what is going on.

 Hmmm, not much new.

 It appears not much has changed. The duality of fitness remains.

 Groups are arguing over fats vs. carbs with the Keto Krazies taking on the Carb Consumers.

 The IIFYM crowd vs. the Macros Madness mixed in with some Carnivore Cowboys who think broccoli is out to get your thyroid.

 And if one more yahoo I don’t know via flakebook sends me a parroted paragraph about how I must have missed THE single study about how fasted cardio is worthless because it did not get the subjects shredded in 6 weeks compared to fed cardio…

 Ugh. I am now almost at the end of that pier.

frustration showing duality of fitness

 Then I remember you!

 The sane person is here to learn and use your neurons instead of wandering around Planet Fitness, staring at random machines while waiting for more pizza.

 I can’t understand why people “out there” still argue about food quality and food quantity.

 BOTH matter! Why do people have to pick a side?

 Macros matter.

 Micros matter.

 Carbs are good.

 Fat is good too.

 Protein may turn down AMPK and slow down autophagy, but you will be fine. Hell, you may even add some muscle and get leaner.

 Context is vital; it will always be key.

 The answer is “both” and “it depends” at the same time.

 Physiology is complex AF.

Actions, however, are simple.

 That is why I designed the Flex Diet Cert to help you understand the complexity of physiology, yet have simple (not easy) actions to do at the end; both for yourself or your clients.

 Embrace the duality of fitness and reap the rewards!

Dr Mike


Mike T Nelson CISSN, CSCS, MSME, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Carrick Institute
Owner, Extreme Human Performance, LLC
Editorial Board Member, STRONG Fitness Mag.