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Episode 271: Innovations in Sports Health and Dietary Science – a Co-Broadcast with Iron Radio

This week's episode of The Flex Diet Podcast is a special co-broadcast with Dr. Lonnie Lowery and Iron Radio. We come to you live from the annual International Society of Sports Nutrition conference. From the surprising revelation that creatine is illegal for individuals under

2024-06-27T17:35:48+00:00June 27th, 2024|Flex Diet Podcast, Podcasts|0 Comments

Episode 269: From Mitochondria to Metabolic Health Insights with PhD Candidate Kristi Storoschuk

Join me, Dr Mike T Nelson, on the Flex Diet Podcast as Kristi Storzchuk, a PhD candidate in muscle physiology at Queens University, and I discuss her research on high-intensity interval training, mitochondria, glucose, lactate, and metabolic flexibility. This episode provides an in-depth look

2024-06-10T23:59:36+00:00June 10th, 2024|Flex Diet Podcast, Podcasts|0 Comments

Episode 268: Actionable Writing Tips for Fitness Professionals with Writer and Editor Chris Colucci

Join me, Dr Mike T Nelson, on this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, where we shift gears from our usual fitness discussions to explore becoming a better fitness writer. With writer and editor Chris Colucci, we emphasize the importance of writing skills in

2024-06-03T16:51:36+00:00June 3rd, 2024|Flex Diet Podcast, Podcasts|0 Comments
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