S2 Ep 12: Interview with Dr Mike T Nelson -Steve Turns the Tables and Interviews Me Today

Stephen Horney from Integrated Health Sciences turns the tables on Dr. Mike T Nelson and interviews him for this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast. Stephen’s questions allow us to get to know Dr. Mike and follow his journey to where he is today. Dr. Mike also shares what he wishes he knew when he

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 11 How To Improve Your Breathing – an Interview with Rob Wilson from Shift Adapt

Dr. Mike T Nelson and Rob Wilson from shiftadapt.com talk about breathing, CO2 vs. Oxygen, nasal breathing, good places to start, anti-fragility, mental resilience, and kiteboarding ) Dr. Mike’s all-time favorite subject). After 5,000 years breathing is “sexy” again! We discuss: Breathing from an evolutionary and survival aspect Self-regulation vs. self-optimization- why you should still

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My #1 Travel Hack

Before the pandemic, the wonderful wifey and I traveled a lot. So much so that I get to test out all sorts of travel "hacks".  Lucky for you, through lots of trial and I error, I've discovered my #1 travel hack. Side note, I dislike the word hack as imagine Bill the Cat coughing up

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S2 Ep 10: Isometrics, Patellofemoral Pain, Collagen, and More: Interview with Jake Tuura

Jake Tuura, creator of The Jacked Athlete website and Podcast, and Dr. Mike T Nelson discuss knee pain and how you can speed up the healing process. They take a look at injury, pain, tendons, collagen, and isometrics, as well as Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) and Be Activated training. We discuss: Jake's experience with patellofemoral

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Cold water post lifting – Why I did it wrong

Today after my upper body lifting session of axle bench press, trap bar deadlifts and some accessory rows with mechanical drop sets, pressdowns, axle curls, cable rows with the rolling thunder handle, and neck isometrics, I hopped into my freezer filled with 47 F cold water. Wait.....isn't there data to show that doing cold water

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Dark Beer, Saunas, and Contrast Therapy …in the name of gainZ

One of the comments I got from the BEER-HIIT study article I referenced about beer consumption around training was: nonsense since “everybody knows” that anyone who is serious about their fitness knows beer and gainz do not mix. It turns out this is false. Now, if you want to not drink, that is totally fine

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Alcohol and your GainZ – The BEER-HIIT study

The BEER-HIIT study seeks to answer a common question from my private M3 1-1 online clients (and one I've wondered about myself). “Does alcohol affect my gainZ and body comp?” It is a great question, so let’s dive into it using our friend S-C-I-E-N-C-E to see what we can learn. Backstory . . . As

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