Jake Tuura, creator of The Jacked Athlete website and Podcast, and Dr. Mike T Nelson discuss knee pain and how you can speed up the healing process. They take a look at injury, pain, tendons, collagen, and isometrics, as well as Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) and Be Activated training.

We discuss:

  • Jake’s experience with patellofemoral pain and how he fixed it with isometrics
  • Why do some people seem to suffer more tendon injuries as opposed to muscle injuries
  • The role of collagen in healing
  • The importance of consistency
  • Discussion of RPR
  • What are some different interventions
  • Overview of isometric exercises to help with patellar tendon pain
  • Who Jake likes to follow
  • Find Jake at jackedathlete.com or @JakeTuura on Instagram

Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 10 Isometrics, Patellofemoral Pain, Collagen, and More: Interview with Jake Tuura

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