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Episode 156: Understanding and Treating Pain, Injury, and Recovery: an Interview with Katie Dabrowski

On today's Flex Diet Podcast, I'm talking about pain with Dr. Katie Dabrowski, head physical therapist at Old Bull Athletics. We discuss all things related to movement and pain and what you can do to help if you're dealing with an injury. Episode Notes Intro

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How to Recover from an Injury in Record Time

I recently returned from the epic ISSN meeting, and it was back to “normal” (if anything I do is really “normal”) Monday. I was tired and after a bit more coffee than usual, I made it to the commercial gym where I do more upper body “bro work” on Mondays. I was dragging in

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Episode 155: Reflexive Performance Reset, Research, and Results: An interview with Warren Bartlett

On today's Flex Diet Podcast, I'm talking to Warren Bartlett all about Reflexive Performance Reset, aka RPR. We discuss his new research and how to use RPR to feel better, prevent injury, and improve performance. Episode Notes Intro to Warren How Warren describes RPR Warren's experience

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Episode 154: Managing High Stress Situations and Growing from Trauma: an interview with Kristina Hoyer

My friend and guest on today's podcast, Kristina Hoyer, and I talk about a wide range of topics from high-stress situations and how to handle them. We talk about her career in the military as an elite Navy rescue swimmer and her transition to civilian

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Episode 153: Flex Diet Cert CLOSING at Midnight CST Mon June 13 and When NOT to Use Intermittent Fasting

Today's short solo cast includes a tip to help body composition and performance. This podcast also serves as a reminder that the Flex Diet Certification is closing at midnight on Monday, June 13th. Go to to enroll. If you're outside of the enrollment window,

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Episode 152: Testosterone, Muscle Mass, Cortisol, Collagen for Soft Tissue Repair an Interview with Dr Keith Baar

Today, I've got a special interview with Dr. Keith Barr. We talk all about everything from the effects of testosterone, cortisol, and the role of collagen protein in building muscle. What Dr. Barr has to say may surprise you. The Flex Diet Certification is open

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Episode 151: Flex Diet Cert OPENS Today June 6, 2022 and my #1 Nutrition Tip for Better Body Comp and Performance

On today's Flex Diet Podcast, I give you my #1 tip for better performance and body composition directly from the Flex Diet Certification. The Flex Diet Certification is open for enrollment from June 6 to June 13, 2022. Go to to enroll. If you're

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