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Can You Only Use 30 grams of Protein at One Time?

Tasty Protein! The myth that you can only use 30 grams of protein at once does not seem to die easily. Despite multiple shots to the head, it’s like...


The Cortisol Solution For Fat Loss and Health

I am sure you have heard these before…. Cortisol is evil! Cortisol is stalling my fat loss results. Cortisol will destroy all your muscle tissue. How many times have...


The Number 1 Key To Lean Muscle Gains and Fat Loss

I  am constantly looking to better in all areas of my life, just as you are (which is why you are hear reading this article). There are many many...


How Sleep Quality Improves Fat Loss

Lose more fat by sleeping better? What? How is that even possible? Sounds like a snarky ad for a new snake oil supplement, right. It’s not, and it won’t...


Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss


Is a Low Carb Diet Best for Lean Muscle Gains?

This is a question I get time and time again, and for good reason. Everyone (I can put my hand down now too), is looking for a way to...


Research Based Approach For Bigger Muscles

Ok, so it is a known fact that I get like a giddy school girl around new research on strength and hypertrophy. Just the other day (literally), a new...


1 Rare Tip For More Muscle and Strength

Want to know a huge tip that will literally alter your life as we know it?Want to be even more awesome? Put your hand down now, this is not...

More Wrong than Right with your Body?

*From De Novo Nutrition website Last spring, I presented at PaleoFX in Austin TX.  While I was down there, I checked out the float tank at Zero Gravity. I figured that...