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Your training methods to add more muscle, strength and lose fat can be divided into 3 categories

1)      Biomechanics

2)      Biochemical

3)      Biopsychology


I know you were expecting dynamic warm ups, compound exercises and eat well. Those can be good things, but let’s move beyond them.

I can guarantee that you are not making as much progress as you want towards your quest for more muscle, strength and less fat or pain if you are not working towards better in each of these.   Trust me, I’ve been there and still working on them as we speak.  I am not that different than you.  I can never make progress that is fast enough.

Every time I’ve done a consult with someone, I can pin it to one of these 3 areas.

I will reveal the number one sticking point that I see time and time again and show you how to solve it.

This tip will literally change your life.

I know that is a HUGE bold claim, but I stand behind it and know that when you apply it you’ll be blown away.

Let’s briefly break down each area to get you on your way to progress without pain.

I) Biomechanics: Muscle, Bone, Fascia, Connective Tissue

Biomechanics is a way to look at how your body moves all of its tissues: muscle, bone, connective tissues and fascia (the web like structure that connects everything).


Can You See Your Abs?

If you have ever done any cadaver prosecutions or dissections, you will find fascia and fat everywhere. Grab a lean cadaver (I am not kidding, as it will save you hours).

Every movement/exercise  you do from a heavy deadlift to a taking the game wining jump shot at the big game is the interaction of all these pieces working together in perfect unison like a great orchestra (or in my case my favorite metal band performing live)

II)  Biochemisty:  Nutrition and Fuel

The biochemistry of energy production is the result of a long series of complex chemical reactions.   Don’t worry, I am not going to bust out a long talk of the Krebs cycle on you (I can see you sigh in relief).

Chemistry, Oh What Fun!

What we put in our body affects its output and even pain levels.   The body breaks the food down into smaller components to be distributed everywhere with the common currency being ATP.

Think of ATP as the Euro to the European economy, oh wait, they hate the euro now and it sucks, bad example.   Ok, more like gold since the value will always hold.   In the process we break down fats and carbohydrates (and proteins some times) to be converted to ATP.

This just skims the surface, but you get the idea.   In a nutshell, we want to be as metabolically adaptable so we can eat what we want and still add lean muscle and drop fat.

III) Biopshychology: Its in your head

Before I met Frankie Faries, I have never heard of this word before.

In short, it’s a field of study in psychology concerned with the brain influences behaviors, thoughts and feelings.  Other words you have had heard include “cognitive neuroscience.”   I like to use that word at dinner parties to clear a room really fast or make myself feel special.

I know you are now having flashbacks to your high school psychology class where you learned that Frued was insane.

One insane MoFo

I always thought that if I sat around long enough bored out of my skull I could have come up with the same theories.   If my dreams are purely a result of my unconscious mind, I am beyond screwed.

At it’s heart, biopshyche is all about results.  Using physiology and neurology to better our understanding of behavior.

How Does This Help Me Lift More Weight?

Great question!

Every step you make is started in your brain.   Your min controls your body. The body and the mind are ever interlinked.   Neither one can survive without  the other.   Both influence each other like two people sitting on a seesaw. Neglect one and progress will slow to nothing.

Seesaw Of The Body and Mind

Lift Weight With Your Mind

I like all that stuff, but I want to lift more weight and find my 6 pack I hear you say.


Here is my number 1 tip to do that.


What?   State?  State who?  Skills?  You’ve gone mad!

Anthony Robbins (the motivational guy with huge banana hands), uses this term quite frequently.

In short, it is how you feel.

Are you happy?  Sad?  Upset?  Worried?

This WILL affect your skills!

Skills can be anything you want to do

Pull a heavy deadlift.  Shoot the winning basket.  Run 5 miles.  Talk to your significant other.

Your state is more important than your skills.

Fix your state FIRST, before anything else.

Gym Logic

One rule I have with my clients (although I don’t tell them this on day 1), is that I rarely will allow them to lift in a bad state.

If they come in all pissed off at their arrogant potato shaped boss, I don’t let them touch a weight until their state is better.

I will literally do anything to alter their state (legally of course you crazies!).

Tell them a joke, ask them about something I know they love, have them consume a protein/carb drink, coffee/tea, tell them to call a friend, etc.

Their state is more important to me than their skills a that point.

State Management 101

How do you alter your state?  3 main ways (these should appear familiar).

1)      Biomechanics

Some form of movement.  Note, this is probably not going to be a heavy deadlift out of the gate!  Juggling, a walk, dynamic warm up, etc.   Any type of movement that allows their body to move well.    If you are not sure what movement to do, I recommend you test it out (find out how to do the test HERE for free).

2)      Biochemical

Not drugs!   Nutrition or supplements on occasion.   Protein and carb drink, coffee, tea, more clean water, a good meal, etc.

3)      Biopsychology

Talk to a friend, read a book or something motivational, read my wonderful articles in the archives (shameless plug I know), etc.

But Which One Do I Do?

Ask yourself the question “Which one sounds the best to alter my current state.”

Test that one.

State Before Skills

Keep in mind that YOU control your state!

Can you control your boss yelling at you?  Maybe, maybe not.

Can you directly control EVERYTHING in your life.  Nope. I would not recommend that you try to do it.

Can you control your RESPONSE to it?

Yes.  Start there.

Examples Of Sate Before Skills

Keep in mind that this does not only apply to gym life. Apply it across your life.

Want to ask your boss for a raise?  Make sure their state is good first. I am not a gambler (cue Kenny Rogers music), but I can say for certain that the odds of you getting that raise is much less if your boss is in a bad state.

Kenny RogersKenny personally puts me in a bad state.  Sorry Kenny

Working on a big proposal presentation and the crowd looks like they are going to faceplant into their egg rolls that were ordered for lunch?.  Alter their state first.   Any coincidence that I always make sure to order coffee, various beverages for lunch presentations that I do.   Hmmmm.   Do whatever you have to do to alter their state first.   Juggle, run around the room, have them do some type of movement, whatever it takes.   They will probably think you are completely of your tree, but I can bet they will remember you and your message.


State management across your life is the going to be massively huge for you.  I know it was for me and is something I am still working on several years later from when Frankie first talked to me about it.

As an example, this article was fueled by dark black coffee, loud music by Dry Kill Logic with a few sets of pushups thrown in.  Can you pick out the areas that each one of these hit?

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson