Episode 162: Aaron Rodgers ayahuasca retreat, performance, and research – a solocast by Dr Mike T Nelson

In today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, I discuss some of the pros and cons of psychedelics because I think it's becoming more and more in the popular media itself, especially with Aaron Rogers' recent media interview talking about them. Disclaimer:

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Oxidative Potential Podcast – Dr. Mike T. Nelson – Building a Resilient Athlete, Physiological Flexibility, Homeostatic Regulators

    I had the honor of joining Matthew DesRoches on the Oxidative Potential Podcast. Check it out! >>>Listen Here<<< We discuss: My early research on heat transfer How I got into researching metabolic flexibility and heart rate variability The concept of physiologic flexibility Blood glucose Temperature changes When to pull the physiologic

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Episode 161: Muscle hypertrophy, exercise selection, and nutrient timing, an interview with Dr Chester Soko

On today's episode of the FlexDiet Podcast, Dr. Chester Soko and I talk about how to get bigger muscles, what to do in the gym, nutrient timing, muscle damage, and metabolic flexibility. Episode Notes Intro to Dr. Soko and his dissertation and post-doc work How

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