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The #1 Downside of Fitness Research

Ah…..nothing like hanging out on my couch on a cool Fall day with a fresh cup of Kick-Ass dark coffee post AM routine (red light, RPR, neuro rehab drills,...


Move Where You Can

Greetings from Dallas TX as we are on the road to South Padre Island. While here in Dallas for just the one day, we crashed with our friends Adam...


A Science Based Guide to Met Flex on NBT podcast

Huge thanks to my friend, Chris Kelly, who asked me to be a guest on the Nourish Balance Thrive podcast. It’s an honor to be asked back to chat...


Anabolic fish juice….say what?

Several years ago at a fitness conference, I had the following conversation with a “fit pro” (that word fit pro triggers me to no end for some reason). Fit...


Iron Radio Episode: Welcome to the Gun Show

Huge thank you to everyone who enrolled in this round of the Flex Diet Cert! Wahooo! Super stoked for all of you and I am excited to help you...


Iron Radio Reviews: Bang Peanut Butter Blast Keto Coffee Taste Test

*from Into energy drinks? Or ready-to-drink protein? The Iron Radio podcast and its under-used sister broadcast Nutrition Radio offer insight this month in another video taste test! Join...