Episode 120: Flex Diet Cert Closing Soon + How To Do Nutrition Coaching With Advanced/ Elite Athletes

The Flex Diet Cert closes for the year today at midnight (October 25th, 2021). Go to flexdiet.com for the information you need to enroll. Today's podcast answers the question: Who is the Flex Diet Certification for? Episode Notes Training the general population to elite athletes

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Private: Episode 119: Flex Diet Cert is now OPEN for 1 Week + Physiology vs Psychology For Faster Results

The Flex Diet Certification opens today, October 18, 2021. Go to https://www.flexdiet.com/ to enroll. The course lays out a complete system of how to use nutrition and recovery for yourself or your clients for better performance and body composition for better health. Today in the

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Episode 118: Programing and Exercise Selection with Kyle Dobbs of Compound Performance

Today, Kyle Dobbs of Compound Performance and I discuss exercise sequence and training. What are different ways and ideas for programming exercise over the course of a week, month, or longer? Here's what you should consider and what goes into the thought process. Episode Notes

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Episode 117: 2 Performance Enhancing Sports Supplements That Are Effective and Cheap: Creatine and Caffeine

Today's podcast covers the two most researched supplements to enhance your performance: creatine and caffeine. You may think you know all there is to know, but I continue to see people get them wrong. Listen for my advice on how, when, and why you can

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