Dr. Mike T Nelson and Rob Wilson from shiftadapt.com talk about breathing, CO2 vs. Oxygen, nasal breathing, good places to start, anti-fragility, mental resilience, and kiteboarding ) Dr. Mike’s all-time favorite subject). After 5,000 years breathing is “sexy” again!

We discuss:

  • Breathing from an evolutionary and survival aspect
  • Self-regulation vs. self-optimization- why you should still work to improve your breathing
  • Breathing’s connection to pH, temperature and metabolic processes
  • The concept of physiologic flexibility
  • Breath practice for anti-fragility
  • Psychologically commit to the skill
  • Working hard in the right way
  • Benefits of developing CO2 tolerance
  • Best ways to start a breathing practice
  • Free series on shiftadapt.com/breathwork

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S2_EP_11: How To Improve Your Breathing – an Interview with Rob Wilson from Shift Adapt

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