My AM conversation with a 5 year old last week when we were at AHS . . .

5 year old: “You are a carb eater.”

Me: “I am? How can you tell?”

5 year old: “I can just tell.”

Me: “Is that a bad thing?”

5 year old: “Yes, carbs are bad.”


I am still deciding if I should be offended or not :O

As you know from reading this newsletter, carbZ are not “good” or “bad” – It just depends on WHAT you are doing.

If you are working to do an all out 500M on the rower for a PR, sprint multiple times during a game or want to compete at the CF Games or Strongman, carbZ are your friend!   They enable you to run the speed/ power end of metabolism to its full capacity.

If you are doing a 5,000M row as part of a PLANNED lower intensity cardio work while nasal breathing, my preference is to do it fasted to enable a higher use of fat; thus, no carbs beforehand.

You want the ability to fully use both fat and carbs dependent on the activity you are doing.

It is not as simple as one is good or bad, despite the interwebz and what a super smart 5 year old tells you :O

Both fuels to win!

Dr Mike

PS – stay tuned for the next round of the Flex Diet Cert opening up soon!  I will teach how to use met flex to its fullest advantage.   Since you are seeing this email, you are already on the short list to get access as soon as it opens up again.